Glitter glitter everywhere

So …..I’m working like a dog on some homemade ornaments for close family and friends.  

I’m getting all crafty and shit with some mod podge and glitter.


But I have to say, after spending $13 very precious dollars on having pictures printed only to have to resort to printing black and white copies on my crappy printer because the actual picture paper won’t adhere with the mod podge,  I’m pretty happy with the results so far.  

Seriously though you should see the actual glitter mess.  The floor is covered in it.  I’m covered in it.  The dogs are covered in it.  It’s kinda fucking ridiculous.  But I’m being all festive and shit and watching Christmas movies.  

Thankfully the vertigo flare didn’t last past this morning.  I got my prednisone script and took one as directed.  Oops…speaking of which I was supposed to take dose two a half hour ago.  

Any who,  my back,  hips,  and legs are killing me now.  I’ve basically been sitting on the edge of the couch hunched over the coffee table for the past 9 or so hours.  I’ve taken breaks but they were short and few between.  I’ve gotten a lot done though and will now have plenty of time to finish and package them all.  

First day of Holiday break for us tomorrow.  I think sugar cookie making will have to happen at some point.  Maybe if I stay on track I can finish everything tomorrow and we can spend all day Christmas Eve baking.  We’ll see how the day goes.  

Well folks it’s about that time.  My doggies are all snuggled in with me and happily snoring away so I guess I’ve gotta give sleep a shot.  *fingers crossed* At least we don’t have to get up at the ass crack of the sun tomorrow.  Oh wait my kids are completely fucked up and like to sleep late on school days and rise early on weekends.  So yea we’ll still be up involuntarily.  

In other news 2 more days til Christmas folks.  Are you all ready?  

Yea me neither.  :/ Maybe next year hahahaha 


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