Christmas Spirit

So with all this negativity and stress going on in my life and my constant efforts to alleviate both. I want to share some positive happenings over at  The Bloggess.

I am totally unable to give my kiddos any presents for Christmas this year. Money is just so non existent.

Some really amazing Santas from Jennys page have gifted my kiddos some presents. I am so moved. To have complete strangers ensure that my kids will have something to open on Christmas morning is just….INCREDIBLE. Thanks to these people my kids will have warm socks, books, a game, a movie on dvd, and a couple of stocking stuffers. They even went so far as to get a toy for the dogs and one for the cat. I’m beyond touched.

It isn’t easy to ask for help. NOT.ONE.BIT. Believe me when I say I have major anxiety from the second I submit my request. I hate it. I feel so ashamed and useless for not being able to provide for my kids.  But these people are nothing but encouraging. They truly want to help.

It makes my heart swell that there are still such giving, caring people in the world. I hope those who play Santa really know how much its appreciated. You keep the true meaning of Christmas alive for so many who have given up.

I long for the time when we are in a financial place to pay it forward and pay it forward we will. I can only imagine the insane rush from clicking on wish lists and sending gifts off. I so want to do that for others. I will. Someday I will be in a better place to be able to begin that family tradition. I pray its sooner rather than later.

I began this holiday season full of gusto. We decorated, and decorated, and decorated some more. We sang Christmas songs, we watched Christmas movies and I was insanely happy for a change.

Then it all went to shit and I became incredibly depressed and lost all hope.

Hope was restored by those wonderful, amazing, awesome Santas at the Seventh Annual James Garfield Miracle.

I am eternally grateful for you all.

I wish you all, Santas, askers, and especially Jenny a very Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone out there.

I wish you all enough.



2 thoughts on “Christmas Spirit

  1. Hey I too was a recipient of the Christmas MIRACLE for my children.I also have a webpage
    Just wondering how in the heck you get Google ads.I applied and then it told me to do some other stuff and I couldn’t figure it out.A walkthrough to how it’s done can’t be found anywheres…lol please help.


  2. Hi Christina,
    Its been quite a while since I started that but I believe it was all connected through my PayPal acct. I will look into exactly what I did back then and I will get back to you. I just wanted to give you a quick answer back first. Merry Christmas.


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