Waiting, waiting, waiting ..

So the slumlord messaged yesterday saying the boiler was being delivered today.

Here I sit waiting waiting waiting while the temp continues to drop in my house. Its currently 50 degrees. Yes thats warmer than being outside but it is completely unacceptable to be 50 degrees inside of a persons home in the middle of December. Its too damn cold. I worked my ass off yesterday caulking gaps and holes around windows, doors and floors. My hubs came home and stuffed insulation into the unfinished window casings and stapled plastic to the them. It helped. I know it did. I’m sure it would actually be a helluva lot colder in here this morning if we hadn’t done that.

Bottom line is its still too damn cold to live like this. And its still completely unacceptable, not to mention illegal, for a land lord to rent a home without a proper working heating system.

I cannot even begin to express how fucking pissed off I am.

When does it end? I just want to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. This has been a long exhausting tunnel and I’m tired of traveling it.


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