The Saga Continues…

so..we moved into this wonderful awesome old colonial home in the Spring. It sat empty for 20 years prior and so has many quirky things that need fixing. One of those things is the boiler. A pretty important piece of the house wouldn’t you say? Especially when you live in New England and it gets damn cold in the Winter.

This is how you learn you have a complete slum lord on your hands.

December 15th still no boiler.

High temp for tomorrow is forecast at 9 degrees.

9 degrees is too fucking cold.

We currently have 5 electric heaters running. My electric bill has increased by $200/month to run them.

Today it is 26 degrees outside with high winds to cause it to feel like 8 degrees. In the rooms where the heaters are its no warmer than 59 degrees. INSIDE!!!

So long story short we are very likely going to have to invoke our tenant right of reasonable accommodations and move to a hotel until a new boiler is installed and the system is running. The only good news there is it will be on the landlords dime but its not so easy to live temporarily with a family of 7, two large dogs, and a cat. 😦

I have no idea how the hell we’ll even pull this off.

Oh I forgot to mention this would all happen with only my husbands pick up truck cause my suv is dead. 😦

AND…its Christmas in 10 days. I don’t want to spend our Christmas in a hotel.

I’m so overwhelmed.



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