365 Sunrises

As I sit here and watch the sun rise higher
I’m reminded of all the times you said “with the sun shining on my face”.

When the angels gather in the morning to face the sunrise
I wonder if that’s your favorite thing about heaven.

When I replay those words in my head I can see an image of you as the Captain you were.
Watching the sun rise.
Steaming through the open water.
Happy crew with a full catch below decks.
Homeward bound.

Its been a year.
365 sunrises
Since you’ve left.
I sat and watched through the hospital window as the sun rose up on the morning you passed.
It was an honor and blessing to share that sunrise with you.

As it has been over the years, there’s been many family and friend gatherings this year.
As it has been over the years, there was music and singing and laughing.

Now its been a year.
365 sunrises.
There’s an empty place.
You’re not there.
Making music with your guitar.
Singing. Always singing and humming.
You loved to laugh. You loved to make people laugh.

I feel your absence. We all do.
I wish to hear you sing and laugh and play your guitar just one more time.
I wish.
I wish.

365 sunrises.
Its hard to imagine its been that long.
It feels as if it were today.

Love and miss you Doug. ❤

This song says it perfectly.
What Does It Look Like In Heaven

~Trying to stay sane~


2 thoughts on “365 Sunrises

    • Thank you. I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband. Its the same if it made you feel connected to him. Its the same if you feel his love when the sun shines. No matter anyway it doesn’t have to be the same. We all grieve in our own way. I wish for you peace.


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