Why must I go batshit…..

…….before these friggin kids listen?

I mean I know we didn’t have the normal beginning that most people had. Most kids were being instructed right from the gate and these kids had Loser #2 instead. Not a good beginning at all.

For four years we’ve been living with Mr and we laid down some general house rules from the beginning. Like most families:
No running.
No food in the bedrooms.
No hitting.
You get the picture.
These kids, neigh these monsters, have completely gone off the grid. No matter the fighting I’ve done. No matter the punishment given (see Why do I argue with these humans, which is still ongoing, mind you).

So why when I hand a child some of its own personal belongings and say “put these away” does that child turn a corner in the adjacent room and plop them on a random table? Is that away?? Have you not been asked, begged, or yelled at for that very action a million times? Have you never heard my explanation of what ‘away’ means?

And that’s just one child. Within 30 minutes I will say that to all 5 children. And repeat it a hundred more times just today.

And its not until mom literally goes batshit crazy that it’ll get done.

I need to know why.
And I need to know what the fuck to do to make it stop.
I hate the sound of my own voice. Why don’t they? Why won’t they listen? Why don’t they want the madness to end as badly as I do?

I am beyond exhausted and fed up at this point. I’m desperately trying to fix me so I can effectively correct them before its too late.

Is it too late? With this latest incidence I wonder if it is. 😦

I feel so….broken.
I feel so….confused.
I feel utterly lost.

Stay Sane 😛

2 thoughts on “Why must I go batshit…..

  1. I grew up in a home with six kids, but I don’t think we were as hard to handle as your kids. I mean, surely not. All girls, we were like angels. Never gave our parents a moment of worry or agitation. Obviously, you have given birth to devil-children. Have you thought about an exorcist? 🙂

    I know you can’t afford a vacation, but is there a park bench near your home? Somewhere you can spend some time alone, away from the chaos? How about chocolate? Do you at least have some chocolate? 😀


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