Only wanted when I’m useful

So my therapist proposed that maybe the Mr keeps his thoughts and feelings to himself because he doesn’t want to add stress to me.


Yea I don’t think that theory is gonna fly.
His truck blew up he said. Crack in the engine or something. Same night his boss calls and says he’s got work for him again. Well he can’t work without a truck or he’s going to end up taking my car from me again and that’s a short term fix cause he can’t fit all his tools anyway. So now who has to be the one to come up with the money for a new truck. That’s right me. Cause ya know I’m not in the middle of a situation with my kids (not ready to write about that yet). Nor am I having a nervous breakdown. Nor am I trying to secure permanent housing for the family. Since I’m sitting around doing nothing all the time why can’t I figure out (meaning beg and borrow money from someone AGAIN) how to come up with $2000 while I’m at it?

Naw you just sit there and look up more expensive trucks on craigslist and email them to me over and over. Silly me for thinking I was only one person.

Stay Sane 😛

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